Our Company

Work-Life Balance and Personal Growth

Modern recognizes the importance of time away from work to re-energize and focus on your quality of life. We understand that supporting employee home- and work-life balance is essential to delivering company business objectives through a diverse, high performing workforce.

Our Customers

Our customers and our employees are at the center of everything we do here at Modern. Our focus is to deliver the essential power and water that our customers count on, and we are committed to doing all we can to support our community and employees. The hallmark of Modern is our ability to exceed customer expectations. Our employees strive to make their contacts with Modern Electric Water Company efficient, friendly, and convenient. We listen to both our employees and our customers and incorporate their feedback to improve our process and make their experience better.

Culture & Values

Modern operates on the principle that valuing all people and prohibiting any and all discrimination in the workplace is essential to the delivery and operation of its services to its customers and community. Modern goes beyond accepting equal opportunity as a legal requirement but totally values and embraces anti-discrimination practices and diversity/inclusion as a way of life.

Modern embraces diversity and inclusiveness and prohibits discrimination by:

  • Promoting the active recruitment of diverse individuals
  • Engaging in recruitment practices that mirror the population of our community
  • Continually communicating and clarifying the link between diversity/inclusion/anti-discrimination and achieving the organization’s strategic goals
  • Demonstrating visible support for programs that remove barriers between individuals
  • Actively monitoring the organization’s activities to ensure equality and fairness is consistently applied
  • Promoting a culture where individuals are encouraged to offer different viewpoints