Service Fees

The following fees are designed to provide equitable service to all customers, individually and collectively.

Service Fee Schedule Effective November 1, 2020

Account Fees

New Account Setup: $15

Returned Payment Charge: $25

Water Meter Usage Calculation Fee: $20

Late Fees

Past Due Notice: $5 or 2% of the amount past due, whichever value is greater

Disconnection Notice: $17

Reconnection Fees

During regular office hours: $30

After regular office hours: $200

At the pole reconnect during regular office hours:  $200

At the pole reconnect after regular office hours: $500

Modern does not charge a reconnection fee for electric services that do not require a site visit and are disconnected and reconnected remotely.


Tamper Fees

Meter "First time": $350*

Meter "Additional times": $500*

Fire Hydrant "First time": $500*

Fire Hydrant "Additional times": $1,000*

Unauthorized Meter Entry Fee (Meter Entry Without Prior Authorization)

The electric meter is the sole property of Modern Electric Water Company and may not be tampered with or removed by anyone other than Modern’s personnel. If a meter seal needs to be removed for an electrician to perform some work, permission must be obtained before any work begins. Unauthorized entry by any party, including a licensed electrician, will result in the member being charged a “Meter Tamper” fee. It is also the customer’s responsibility to report broken meter glass or cut meter seals to Modern Electric Water Company immediately.

Access to Electrical & Water Facilities

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide reasonable and safe access for Modern's personnel to read the meters and/or to service and maintain the meters and equipment located on the customer's property.