Large Commercial – Schedule 38


For all new large electric use that meets the following general guidelines:

  • Service or Account established on or after October 1, 2011, and
  • Requires three-phase transformer capacity ≥ 500 kVA, or
  • Estimated monthly energy consumption ≥ 100,000 kWhrs, or
  • Monthly billed energy consumption in any previous 12-months ≥ 150,000 kWhrs, or
  • As determined at the discretion of Modern Electric Water Co.

Monthly Billing Rates

Basic Charge

  • $49.95

Energy Charge

  • 0.06115 per kWh – All kWh

Demand Charge

  • $ 3.68 per KW demand over 20KW

Determination for Billing Demand

The Billing Demand shall be the maximum integrated 15-minute demand recorded during the month for which the bill is rendered.

Minimum Monthly Charge

The minimum monthly charge under this schedule is $49.95.