Report Residential Water Meter Readings

If notified, please submit your residential water meter reading.

Residential water meter readings are collected and billed twice a year during the summer and fall. For ten months, the billed usage for residential water accounts is estimated based on 1,000 cubic feet per month. By acquiring an actual water usage reading, any “estimated” usage charged over the allotted monthly amount will be “trued up” and billed, likewise, any over-estimated usage will be credited to the account.

Because Modern’s highest priority is to the health and safety of its customers, its community, and its employees, Modern’s employees will no longer enter homes to collect water usage readings. A blue door hanger will be left at homes that need to report a water meter reading. Should you receive a notice in June, please call in your meter reading with 5 business days of the notice’s delivery.

When reporting your meter reading to Modern, include your name, service address and phone number. Other options to record your reading is to call (509) 928-4540 and select extension 5, fill out our fillable form, or take a picture of your water meter clearly displaying its reading and email it to us.

Thank you for your cooperation. We value and appreciate your business.