Tree Trimming for Safety & Reliable Power

Washington is the evergreen state and known for the beauty of its lush trees. Although beautiful, trees are also one of the major causes of power outages. During storms, tree branches frequently break off and become entangled in power lines causing outages, electrical safety hazards and fires.

Modern Electric Water Company is committed to providing safe and reliable electric service to its customers. To prevent tree-related outages, the company prunes tree branches near the primary conductors that we deem to be hazardous. For preventative maintenance, tree trimming is annually scheduled from December to March.

Our electric crew is trained to identified limbs that may cause safety or outage problems. We try to find a balance between public safety, reliable service, tree health, and customer satisfaction. If you have concerns about tree branches near power lines, please call our office at (509) 928-4540, extension 1 to request a consultation from our line clearing personnel.

For your own safety, state and federal laws prohibits any person from working within 10 feet of electric power line, with voltages up to 50 kV, without proper training and certification. Touching power lines can cause critical injury or death; always assume that overhead wires are energized and potentially dangerous.