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How to Winter-Proof Your Water Meter

Dear Water Guru,

I'm winter-proofing my home since the weather has gotten so cold here that snowmen are starting to migrate South. As part of this winter-proofing process, I've heard that I should also insulate the in-ground water meter I have in my yard. A neighbor told me their water meter lid was slightly open and the meter box froze during a cold snap, so now they put insulation inside the box to prevent it from happening again. Do you recommend doing this?


Frozen in SV

Dear Frozen,

I want to commend you for being pro-active and winter-proofing your home during this cold winter. And I agree: It so cold right now, I have to open the fridge to heat my house!

Now, to answer your question. First, we ask customers in our service area to check their meter lids. Make sure they are sealed tight for the duration of the winter season.

Secondly, regarding insulation, this step isn't necessary. The earth has a natural way of keeping the area inside meter boxes insulated. If you keep your lid tightly secured, you should be OK through the winter.

If you still choose to insulate the meter, don't stuff loose insulation into the meter box. This often results in a buildup of ice inside the box. Instead, put the insulation into a garbage bag, tie it off and lay it gently over the meter. This should help protect your water meter until spring arrives.

Now, I have a question for you ...

What did the ice cube say to the meterman?

I was water before it was cool.


The Water Guru

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