Electric Service Information

What Does Your Electric Department Do?

  • Lineman working on power poles.The Electric Department operates and maintains its service territory’s electric infrastructure
  • From 115,000-volt transmission lines to 120/240-volt service lines at homes and businesses and everything in between
  • From poles, cross arms, wire, substations, transformers, and street lights, this vast system requires the use of many skilled personnel
  • Modern also employs:
    • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
    • Automated Meter Reading (AMR)
    • Remote Disconnect/Re-connect
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    • Advanced communication systems
  • These help to link the entire operation to aid in the efficient dispatch and administration of the electric system

Where Does Your Power Come From?

  • Modern purchases its energy from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
    • Provides an affordable, clean hydropower system
  • This valuable energy resource, as well as effective administration, allow our customers to enjoy some of the lowest electric rates in the area

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