Senior Citizen Residential Electric – Schedule 37


Available upon request and proof of eligibility for senior (65+ years) residential customers. Service under this schedule is subject to the rules and regulations of the Seller.

Type of Service

Single-phase, 60 cycles, at Seller's standard voltage.

Monthly Rate

Basic Charge

  • $12.70

Energy Charge

  • 0.05419 per kWh – 0 to 1100 kWh
  • 0.05887 per kWh – 1101 kWh to 1500 kWh
  • 0.06962 per kWh – Over 1500 kWh

Minimum Charge

The minimum monthly charge under this schedule is $12.70.

Legal proof that resident listed on the account is 65 years of age or older and resides at the account address is required for eligibility.

Access the Senior Citizen Discount Rates Application.

You may email your application and a copy of your government-issued photo identification document (ID) to